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Copper stills for sale here at Mile Hi Distilling. We also sell many other alcohol distillers like our copper whiskey still that are designed to carry over flavor and produce quality spirits. Mile Hi Distilling builds reflux stills that are known as vodka stills and rum stills. Whichever end product you want to make you have come to the right place to find your moonshine distiller. Take a look at our complete stills page.

Or if you have a keg take a look at our distiller’s tower page. There are stainless distillers and copper distiller towers for home distilling and for distilleries. Using a keg and one of our distiller towers is inexpensive and works great.

Alcohol Still for Sale

Not only does Mile Hi sell distilling equipment we also sell distilling supplies. Take a look at our distillers yeast page. We have a wide selection of turbo yeast, whisky yeast, and vodka yeast. There is also a rum yeast available.

Browse through our pages and if you have any questions about distilling or how to make moonshine give us a call or email us your questions.

We have over 600 products for making moonshine at home and also supplies for micro distilleries and commercial distilleries. Since 2003 we have been building high quality moonshine and cooper stills for sale. We are the one stop shop for all your home distilling equipment for sale needs.