Still Spirits Copper Saddles for T500 Distillation Column

Still Spirits Copper Saddles column packing for T-500 Distilling Column. Add these Still Spirits Copper Saddles to the top of your T-500 Distillation Column and shake firmly in place before adding ceramic saddles or Still Spirits Stainless Steel Saddles. Pack the ceramic saddles or the stainless rings in well to ensure that the Still Spirits copper saddles remain at the top of the column. The copper saddles at the top of the column will help remove sulpher odors during the distillation process and ultimately produce a cleaner distillate. These copper saddles are essential for high alcohol washes, typically over 16% ABV.

cleaning copper saddles; Still Spirits recommends that you remove and clean copper saddles every 8-10 distillation runs. To clean remove the Still Spirits Copper Saddles from the column and soak in citric acid or vinegar for 15 minutes then rinse with water and air dry. The light acid will clean the copper of oxidation and surface build up.

Contains 100% Food Grade Copper

Weight per packet is 100 grams