Pot Still Turbo Pure yeast contains Pectic Enzyme for Ciders, Grappas and Fruit/Grape Brandies.
One package of this will make 6.5 US Gallons or 25 liters. Use 13LB of table sugar in your ferment to produce up to 18% Alc./vol. 

Instructions: Pour 15L (4 Gallons) of warm water (40C/104F) into your fermenter. Depending on the type and volume of fruit added, add up to 6kg (13lbs) of sugar to produce up to 18% alcohol by volume. Mix well until sugar is completely dissolved. Add up to 5 kg (11lbs) of crushed fruit or grape skins to the fermenter. Add yeast and stir well for one minute. Add Pectic Enzyme to mash (affixed under front label, cut foil pouch to retrieve). Top up the fermenter at the 25L (6.5USG) mark with cool water, Do not seal fermenter airtight as the resulting CO2 will need to escape. Leave to ferment between 20-25C (68-77F) until fermentation ceases (7-10 days) Complete fermentation times are both temperature and fruit type dependent.

Important Notice: After your sugar is dissolved, cool to 70-80 Degrees Fahrenheit before adding your yeast. Any temperature 60 Degrees Fahrenheit or lower will cause your yeast to become dormant as well

Instructions will also be labeled on bag of yeast

 Don’t forget to get your 2-Stage Clearing Agent

 If you are in a cold climate, you may be interested in a Brew Belt to keep your wash warm.