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Mr Distiller Small Moonshine Still

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(24 customer reviews)

Mr Distiller is a fun small table top still for home distilling


Mr Distiller Small Moonshine Still

This still is currently in stock and will ship 1-3 business days from date ordered!

Mr Distiller Small Moonshine Still is the fast and simple way to make your favorite spirits and liqueurs at a fraction of the cost. Finally…a still to take it’s place amongst everyday kitchen appliances! It looks like a kettle and works like a kettle – but it makes alcohol!  The Mr. Distiller System uses a revolutionary still that will be right at home amongst your everyday kitchen appliances.

Mini Moonshine Still

Distillation takes just two hours and produces enough alcohol to make a 1 litre bottle (1 quart). Stainless steel body, built in air cooling system so it uses absolutely no water for cooling – great for regions where water shortages are a problem. No compromise on quality. Revolutionary non-technical design. No hoses, no complicated assembly … just plug and play! As simple to operate as the kitchen kettle, great value for money, and safe and easy to use, which is ideal for the new distiller. Can be used for Alcohol Distillation, Water Distillation – produce 100% pure, safe drinking water, Bio Fuel Manufacture.

120 Volts ( 320 Watts )

It’s as easy as using a coffee maker!

These units are in stock and ready to ship.


1 bag of yeast and yeast nutrient 

1 bag of Mini Clear clearing agent

1 bag of Turbo Carbon (unless the Carbon Filter and Collection System is purchased with product)


How to use Mr Distiller video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1kz7bGGJ4g&feature=g-all-u 

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 18 in

24 reviews for Mr Distiller Small Moonshine Still

  1. Thom

    In two hours you have great tasting STRONG alcohol.

  2. mooney

    the most easy way to make shine first 2 cups came out 130 proof the rest 120 proof

  3. Scooby Doo

    My ‘friend” just got one, what could be easier. You make the mash, dump it in and make sure you chuck out the first shot which comes in about an hour. I get 750ml of about 60% and then another 750 ml that averages at 20-30% which I dump back in after the unit cools (30 mins) to do the next batch. 2 hours per run. A 5 gallon mash batch using turbo yeast makes me 16-18% – which makes about 6 – 750ml bottles of “fuel” at 60-65% then cut to 40% it’s – 6 40oz bottles of “fuel”. Here “fuel’ like that costs about $35 a bottle. My total costs (excluding the unit purchase price) is about $30 6 bottles – buying only sugar, turbo yeast, carbon, turboclear and some finishing carbon and a coffee filter. Please ensure to use the carbon in the fermenting, turbo clear to finish it and carbon filters at the end cause you don’t want anything harsh in your ‘motor’. Thank you for an incredible product. I plan to upgrade someday to one of your reflux stills, but as a starter product, this is the easiest, fastest and best unit out there!

  4. Don

    When used with carbon filter produces excellent booze. Then add flavouring afterwards! (or run lawn mower…). Produces very high percentage. Shipped promptly. Easy to use

  5. me

    i just ordered this still is it good for the bucks . jw

  6. C Danner

    Just got my little wonder. Ran my first batch off without a flaw. I love this little wonder.

  7. Roger

    I ordered this thing and put my wash to working! When it arrived, which was on time! I had some product ready to run, it worked great, I’m so impressed:-) One day I can see me going bigger, but right now I’m having fun and learning. I will be ordering again, Thanks guys:-)))


    I couldn’t be happier this thing works awesome, it does what they said it would do in the video I watch. It is the simplest way to turn your mash into ethanol. I’m easily getting 38 to 48 oz of 100 proof alcohol out of one gallon of good mash, (about three hours)well worth the money. Thanks guys

  9. Unknown

    this for someone who is learning and practising thank you

  10. HappyChuck

    I ferment my wash in nice one gallon glass jugs which is enough to fill the Mr. Distiller. I am very pleased with this distiller. Takes about an hour before the alcohol starts. I carefully monitor the strength of the alcohol with hydrometer and collect about 750ML of good stuff. I even use a carbon water filter to filter the shine with good results.

  11. nate M. – TN

    This little still disguised as what looks like a hot water pot has been a blast and super easy. I followed a process off the homedistiller forum and was able to double distill and do a very good stripping run with it – all on the utility room counter top. First batch was 10 times better than expected and didn’t make me go blind:) Thanks.

  12. Unknown

    Having a blast with this little thing. Im not getting quit the quantity that others are yet(I am 1st timer) but turning out some fine stuff. Very easy to use and to clean up well worth the money.

  13. heads above the rest

    A good distiller, my only suggestion is that they design a lock so the machine does not burp and lose steam(alcohol) and a 45 Degree elbow to flow the alcohol in a straight line downward. Make sure your mash is tightly strained so the yeast or grain does not burn on the bottom.

  14. tucker

    Had my mr. distiller for about 4 months now and he’s my best new lil friend! been mainly running my homemade wine through it, been gettin 750ml at about 115 proof but this weekend i ran some mead(honey wine)through it….1st 350ml 140 proof!! 2nd 130 proof! and this is where your supposed to start collecting tails but i got another 350ml of 100 plus! btw it tasted greeeaat!

  15. Mark Fannin

    Just made my first batch with corn sugar and got 120 proof. I’ll be working to refine the process and start dividing cuts for even better yields. It does however, take about 50 minutes to start producing but so what? The results are what counts. Thanks for a great product.

  16. Unknown

    I made a pressure cooker still and was always paranoid of blowing up the place,so I bought one of these MR.DISTILLERS, no more frigging worries ,all sealed ,fill it,plug it in ,50 minutes later ,boo-yah baby you got shine ,its already paid for itself,im looking to upgrade to keep up with the demand!!!!!!!!!!

  17. One Happy Customer…

    This thing “IS” the best thing since sliced bread!!! I have been wanting to build a still, but when I ran across this on the internet it was a no brainer. My first batch was with 2gal of tap water, 5lbs of white sugar and Turbo Yeast. It distilled to about 1000mil and 125proof on my first try. I turned it into Apple Pie Moonshine – super simple and it tasted great!!! I upgraded from the 2gal to an 8gal fermenter. I’m making my first batch of Rum this weekend. A lot of fun and very easy to use.

  18. steve

    I’ve had mine for 2 years now. It puts out a consistent 130 proof product . I use brown sugar and add honey at times. Mr. Distiller is a quality product for the person that want to get into distilling. My bonus tip is this…..when your mash is complete……preheat a gallon of it on the stove! Don’t boil it, just get it hot. You’ll see product coming out in 10 min.

  19. Impressed

    I had a batch of apple wine ready when the distiller arrived. Ran two gallons through the distiller and produced two quarts @ 120 Proof. Diluted to 80 proof and added oak essence and spoon of honey for some home made Cognac action. End result is two 40 ounce bottles of BrandyCognac that tastes amazing!

  20. bernie

    Works well can be used on a kitchen table. Recommend to any novice spirit maker.

  21. sample


  22. Shiner

    This still is simple to use and makes a fantastic product. One thing that I want to clarify though is that the still starts producing in 60 to 75 minutes. I have never had this start producing in only 30 to 45 minutes like the video states.

  23. Unknown

    No problems here to report. It seems to be a solid little machine.

  24. Jon Webster

    I have had one for about 18 months. Probably made 50 runs. Works great. Takes a while for a run, about 2 hours from start to finish however.

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