Molasses For Making Rum

Premium unsulfured black strap molasses for making rum. One gallon container/ 11.5 lbs

6.5 Gallon Rum Recipe

Ingredients Needed for a Rum Recipe;

7 lbs of cane sugar

5 lbs of unsulfured molasses

1 cup of honey

1 packet of Mile Hi Distilling Rum Yeast 133 gram packet

Materials Needed for Rum Recipe;

8 Gallon Fermentation Bucket with Lid and Air Lock

Large Stainless Spoon

8 gallon or larger stock pot or brewing pot

Pot Still

Process for making a rum recipe ;

Heat up 2 gallons of water to boiling then slowly mix in sugar until dissolved then add one cup of honey. After sugar is dissolved then add molasses then top off to 6.5 gallons. Move contents into an 8 gallon fermenter. When temperature is under 80F and over 70F add in one packet of Mile Hi Rum yeast. Stir in the yeast and save a little to sprinkle over the top. Put the lid and air lock on and let sit for 24 hours then mix for several minutes then put the lid and airlock back on and let it sit for 8 days or until fermentation is complete. Keep at between 70F-75F for optimal fermentation. After fermentation is complete sit the 8 gallon fermenter on a counter top and siphon the wash out from the top of the fermenter through a strainer with cheesecloth into another clean bucket. Leave the heavy sediment on the bottom so don’t siphon this out. Then siphon filtering through cheesecloth one more time then the wash will be ready to distill.

We suggest to use a pot still to distill your rum. Pot stills will carry over flavor. Run the still real slow at about 140-160 proof to get a clean rum spirit. Depending on the still design some distilleries will run the rum recipe through a stripping run then through a final spirit run at 160 proof.

Ideas for after distillation;

Leave it as is for white rum.

Add oak chips or oak spirals to glass jars and let age for a couple months.

Put rum in a used whisky barrel and age for several months. This has become popular with distilleries and makes a unique rum.

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