Kettle Valve

Add a valve to any pot without welding using our Kettle Valve! 

This item is a nickle-plated brass ball valve featuring a patented silicone O-ring mounting system. It makes a positive seal against the outer pot wall without any leaks or spreading.


1. If your pot does not already have a hole, you will need to locate a suitable location for a valve hole (otherwise skip to step 4). 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches from the outside bottom of the pot is ideal for the center of valve hole

2. Punch your hole mark with a hole punch and hammer, or screwdriver and hammer. Make sure to make a small dent in the pot so the drill bit will not walk when drilling.

3. Using eyewear, start drilling, centering the drill on the hole. Make sure the pot is secured. Press firmly and hold steady for a clean hole. Once drilled, debur using a small file

4. After drilling hole, and cleaning edges, install valve. First, put orange O-ring on the threaded back of valve. Now put threaded end of valve into the hole and install the backnut from the inside of your pot. Hand tighten until very snug and O-ring is flattened. (Note: Do not use wrench to tighten)