Copper Alembic Still 53 Gallon (200 Liter)

These stills have a 8-12 week lead time. If you order and pay for this still now it wont ship for 8-12 weeks. If you would like you can make a $1500 down payment and pay the remainder prior to shipment. Please call 303-987-3955

Alembic Copper Still 53 Gallon 200 Liter includes black iron stands, one for boiler and one for condenser. This Boiler has two of the 2″ tri-clamp ports for heating elements and also a drain. The heating element ports can be caped off to be used with a gas burner or this boiler can be heated with electric heating elements. The electric heat source is the Dual Variable Temperature Controller that runs two 5500 watt heating elements.

These stills are made by a small European factory that has been producing copper stills in the traditional way for hundreds of years.   These gorgeous copper alembic stills provide excellent quality spirits like grappa, fruit brandy, whiskey, and other spirits that require a copper pot still to make. These copper alembic stills are a perfect combination of function, beauty, value. We promise they’re worth the wait!

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Heat Source;

Gas Burner or

Electric – 220V Dual Temperature Controller with two 5500 watt heating elements.




33″ Diameter

from floor to the top of onion head  is 50″ tall

60″ tall from floor to the top of lyne arm



19″ Diameter

26.5″ Tall

Condenser Stand;

20″ Diameter and 10″ tall


Overall Foot Print Dimensions;

width is 6ft and the depth is 45″ ( 72″ x 45″ rectangle )