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8 Gallon with 2 Inch Diameter Dual Purpose Pro

$699.99 $629.99

(10 customer reviews)

New Dual Purpose Pro comes with sight glass and dial thermometer upgrade for home distillers.

5 LB Safety Valve Upgrade

5 LB Safety Valve to relieve pressure build-up in still.


8 Gallon with 2 Inch Diameter Dual Purpose Pro

This still is made to order and will ship between 5-8 business days.

8 Gallon with 2 Inch Diameter Dual Purpose Pro. A high quality Dual Purpose Pro still includes sight glass. You can use this sight glass as an infusion chamber or gin basket to hold botanicals. You can also clamp in sight glass below the reflux condenser to watch the reflux action. An awesome way to infuse the vapor to get a boost of flavor in the distillate.  Run a strawberry brandy and add some fresh strawberries to the sight glass to infuse the vapor with the taste of fresh strawberries or add cinnamon sticks, herbs, and spices to make a spiced whiskey. Be creative and make your own infusions.
This Dual Purpose Pro still will produce 180 to 190 proof moonshine as a reflux still and will also run as a pot still to carry over flavor at about 120 proof
For reflux it is as easy as running water to both reflux condenser and final product condenser. Pack the column with rings and copper mesh and your running a reflux alcohol still or run as a pot still by running water to just the final product condenser on the arm and inserting one roll of copper in the tower.  
Eight gallon milk can with 2″ port for heating element. Also includes cap, clamp, and gasket to cap off and be used with a gas burner or electric hot plate.
This still Includes;
complete still tower with all clamps and gaskets
Stainless thermometer for the top of tower
2″ sight glass with screened gasket
8 gallon stainless milk can with 2″ port for heating element
hose kit
column packing- copper mesh and rashing rings
Suggested heat source;
120V controller with 2000 watt heating element
electric hot plate
Gas burner

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 32 in

10 reviews for 8 Gallon with 2 Inch Diameter Dual Purpose Pro

  1. Andy Tillman

    I went with this pro still and thought it might be a little over kill but it turns out I love it. It has options that i like. The sight glass is cool and it even came with a screen gasket. happy customer

  2. dalephannenstiel (verified owner)

    Built like a brick shit house. Looks and works great. Would have been a 5 star but the view glass piece is slightly crooked when clamped due to one of the mount rings being just out of level. I’m kind of obsessive about level and plumb, a curse. Any size unit you choose will impress you in the quality.

  3. dalephannenstiel (verified owner)

    5 stars…..they have great customer service in addition to the great products. I had a small issue and they were there right away to fix it.

  4. reval8r (verified owner)

    Totally impressed with my experience with Mile Hi and the equipment. UPS didn’t handle the package with much care, the box looked like it had been dropped from a plane without a parachute. However, the good folks at Mile Hi done an exceptional job of packing and nothing inside was damaged.

    The quality of material and workmanship are top notch. This thing is a BEAST and the welding is a thing of beauty.All the parts top quality and the stainless steel is flawless.

    So far it’s only been through a cleaning, so I haven’t had to chance to learned how it behaves and the tweaks to get the best efficiency from it. But there is no doubt it should perform to my expectations and last generations beyond me.

  5. COWCOUNTRY1 (verified owner)

    As I already emailed these folks on this. It is freaking awesome. The weld work is top notch. everything fits great and the polish is great. Packed very well and got it way sooner than I expected. Even if your not using it, it would make great corner art in the house. Thanks again Mile Hi for making American!

  6. William Painter (verified owner)

    I’m not much of a writer. I will say this though. Great products at a great price. The guys were professional and helped me out, with everything that, I couldn’t ask for. the welds were better than I have ever seen. It was also packed way better than I expected. They will definitely get my business from now on. Keep up the great work guys. Thanks a million Mile High!

  7. agsgrns (verified owner)

    I had already purchased the 26 gallon flute still, but find that as I experiment with 6 gallon batches of new recipes, I needed a smaller still.

    Fantastic quality – even without using packing and rasching rings (came with the still) I can get 60-75% ABV with just 1 run (like a pot still on steroids!). The vapor thermometer at top of the column is essential – get it.

    THANK YOU Mile Hi!

  8. johnstonjjr (verified owner)

    The folks at Mile Hi are top notch, answered all my questions. Ordered the Pro, 8 gal. very pleased with quality and performance. Highly recommend this company and their products!

  9. Richard Sylvester (verified owner)

    Ordered this delivery was faster then expected. Very well packaged, outer box looked like hell but the way the contents were packaged within it. Nothing was damaged or missing.

    Assembled the item to inspect it very well made durable and high quality, very pleased with my choice.

  10. orrevan (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic!! This still is the real deal for home use. Finally got to make my first run so I waited to write a review. Not disappointed at all! First time running a reflux system and it ran great. 190 first run! The still is a work of art! Very easy to assemble. Clamps and hoses all fit tight. Highly Highly recommend! Thank you Mile Hi for a great product!

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