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8 Gallon with 2 Inch Diameter Dual Purpose Pro Kit FREE SHIPPING!

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New Dual Purpose Pro comes with sight glass and dial thermometer upgrade for home distillers.

5 LB Safety Valve Upgrade

5 LB Safety Valve to relieve pressure build-up in still.


8 Gallon with 2 Inch Diameter Dual Purpose Pro Kit

This still is made to order and will ship between 5-8 business days.

8 Gallon with 2 Inch Diameter Dual Purpose Pro Kit. A high quality Dual Purpose Pro still includes sight glass. You can use this sight glass as an infusion chamber or gin basket to hold botanicals. You can also clamp in sight glass below the reflux condenser to watch the reflux action. An awesome way to infuse the vapor to get a boost of flavor in the distillate.  Run a strawberry brandy and add some fresh strawberries to the sight glass to infuse the vapor with the taste of fresh strawberries or add cinnamon sticks, herbs, and spices to make a spiced whiskey. Be creative and make your own infusions.
This Dual Purpose Pro still will produce 180 to 190 proof moonshine as a reflux still and will also run as a pot still to carry over flavor at about 120 proof
For reflux it is as easy as running water to both reflux condenser and final product condenser. Pack the column with rings and copper mesh and your running a reflux alcohol still or run as a pot still by running water to just the final product condenser on the arm and inserting one roll of copper in the tower.  
Eight gallon milk can with 2″ port for heating element. Also includes cap, clamp, and gasket to cap off and be used with a gas burner or electric hot plate.
This still Includes;
complete still tower with all clamps and gaskets
Stainless thermometer for the top of tower
2″ sight glass with screened gasket
8 gallon stainless milk can with 2″ port for heating element
hose kit
column packing- copper mesh and rashing rings
110v element and controller 

Starter Kit includes:

  • Alcohol test kit
  • 2 bags of yeast
  • 2 bags of Turbo Clear
  • 2 bags of Turbo Carbon
  • Spigot
  • Airlock
  • Bucket with lid

Free shipping applies to orders shipped within the continental United States.

International orders and orders to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico will be discounted shipping rates.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

2 reviews for 8 Gallon with 2 Inch Diameter Dual Purpose Pro Kit FREE SHIPPING!

  1. Jack Finn (verified owner)

    I love the 8 gallon duel purpose still with Pro kit. I am using bination is very effective at controlling temperature on spirit runs. I set the ture at low 150s F and wait for methanols to start. I can increase the temperature a few degrees at a time and collet the heads. Then I proceed to 175- 190 F for Hearts. I also use a parrot to monitor the proof.

  2. Ryan Domitrovich (verified owner)

    I just received my 8 gallon dual still words cant describe how pleased I am with mile highs quality. The tig welds are great, heavy duty still . The packing of this is unreal. The box looked like it got ran over by the fed ex truck. My first thoughts were great its damage. Nope so well packed never touched. Thanks again everyone at mile high you have a life time customer I’ll be ordering my 26 gallon flute next thanks again.

    Big. D.

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