Copper Alembic Still 21 Gallon (80 Liter)

Premium thick copper alembic still 21 Gallon 80 Liter made by a small European factory that has been producing copper stills in the traditional way for hundreds of years.   These gorgeous copper stills produce high quality spirits where flavor carry over is key. These copper alembic stills are perfect for spirits like grappa, schnapps and brandy. These alembic stills are the perfect combination of function, beauty, value.  Because they are handcrafted in small batches supplies are limited and the  sell out very quickly so please be patient.  We promise they’re worth the wait!

Free shipping applies to orders shipped within the continental United States.

International orders and orders to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico will be discounted shipping rates.

 These stills ship within 1-5 business days

Suggested heat source;

Gas burner


Electric 220V Temperature Controller with one 5500 watt heating element. This copper alembic still will need a 2″ copper ferrule welded in if using this heat source. There is an additional price of $85 to do this. If you want this fitting added to your copper alembic please add note to order and send us an email with order number and request.