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Over 100 alcohol essences for flavoring alcohol

Alcohol Essence for Flavoring Spirits

Alcohol Essences is another word for alcohol flavoring. These alcohol essences alcohol flavors are used in neutral spirit, moonshine, or vodka to give it a desired flavor. These are inexpensive and a great way to get started having fun without waiting for the spirit to age. Essence can be added right in and instantly flavors spirits. First, distill a simple sugar wash neutral spirit with a moonshine still or maybe an alcohol still. Next filter the distilled spirit. Then pick the alcohol essence you want and add the alcohol essence to the neutral spirit. It is just that easy. These concentrated flavorings will make a plain neutral spirit into whichever liquor flavor, whisky flavor, vodka flavor, or brandy flavor you desire. A 20ml bottle of alcohol essence will flavor approximately .75ml bottle of moonshine or 1/5th of vodka . It is best to flavor to taste with these concentrated alcohol flavors.
Mile Hi has a large selection of  alcohol essence flavoring including top shelf whiskey, top shelf rum, top shelf brandy, liquor quik and many more. We only sell 100% “Black Label” quality branded essences because it is the quality to compare to off the shelf bottles. Our alcohol flavors are used worldwide to produce high quality liqueurs and spirits. All of our essences are produced using natural extracts and essential oils. With over 100 different flavors to add to vodka, neutral spirit. or moonshine I’m sure you will find the right flavor for you. The “Black Label” taste of our products vs. our competitors will be obvious to most. Very comparable to the store bought brands.


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