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Complete Home Still Kits

Mile hi has been in business for 14 years building and selling moonshine and alcohol distillers. We understand what the first time customers’ needs so we have but together these complete still kits to help take the guess work out. We have taking our bestselling stills and combined theme with the best components for each still. Our home distilling kits are easy to use but if you ever have a problem please give us a call 303-987-3955 or email milehidistilling@yahoo.com
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Everything You Need in One, Straight-Forward Order

For many new moonshiners, working out what equipment is needed and how your system will operate can be a real challenge. We not only provide a good selection of purpose-built items that enable you to easily build or modify your still, we also offer beginners’ kits; these contain everything needed to create a fully operational still. Simple assembly and the key ingredients are all that’s needed subsequently to start full-scale moonshine production.

Our Experienced and Knowledgeable Team is Here to Help

We have had years of experience in manufacturing and selling top-quality moonshine stills and are ideally placed to advise on the type of set-up which might be best for your requirements. If you can’t find the answers to your queries on our site, just get in touch and we will be happy to offer suitable product recommendations, further explanations or other assistance. Our articles section includes write ups on subjects like how to make vodka.

Moonshine Still Kits that Give You the Results You’re Looking For

No matter what volume or type of results you’ve got in mind, we can provide you with a still that enables you to achieve them. We aim to give every customer a friendly, expert level of care, in addition to purpose-built, high-grade products that are straight-forward to use and designed to last. To find out more about our products, place an order, or for anything else, call us at (303) 987-3955.


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