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Copper and Stainless Flute Stills for Sale.

Flute Stills are sectional distilling columns with copper plates in between each section. Each section has a three inch viewing window. The flute sections are made of copper or stainless and go together with tri-clamps and gaskets. This modular design allows the distiller to take plates out of some or all of the sections to run spirits like whiskey, rum, and brandy where flavor carry over from the wash is important. The flute still will also produce high percentage neutral spirits like vodka by keeping all the plates in and by adding more sections. These sectional stills will also give the distiller the option to add in an infusion chamber to house botanical for a gin or add fruit for fruit infusion.  This infusion basket is as easy as clamping in a sight glass with screened gasket. We sell beautiful sectional stills and stainless sectional stills from 4 inch diameter up to 8 inch diameter.

Bubble Caps-vs-Perforated Plates With Down Comers for your Flute still.

After a lot of testing in distilleries using copper bubble plates and copper perforated plates with downcomers we found that overall the perforated plates with down comers work better than bubble caps in the flute still. Our tests show that we get higher percentage alcohol with perforated downcomer plates so when running a vodka you can get the 190 proof at a descent output. Running with bubble cap plates the percentage was about 180 proof with a significant reduction in output.  The big difference is there is no adjustment with the copper downcomer plates which allows the distiller to just set it in and forget it. The adjustable bubble plate caps is a neat idea be able to adjust the plates but found it to be a kind of a pain. The last notable difference is cleaning. Bubble caps are not as easy to clean.  Mile Hi Distilling manufactures the perforated plates with copper made in the USA for flute stills. We also offer the copper bubble plates for those who want copper bubble cap plates. These are available in 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch. see bubble plate caps
Check out flute talk about bubble caps vs perforated plates:
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