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Column Packing for Distillation

Still Column Packing & Hose Packages is used to perform a separation to increase percentage and to achieve a cleaner spirit in a still tower. There are different materials used for column packing. Copper mesh, stainless mesh, raschig rings ( ceramic rings ) and glass marbles or glass beads, etc are good column packing material that provides increased surface area for the reflux or separation to occur. We only sell high quality materials just like our copper packing is 99.9 percent pure copper.
In my testing I have found its best to use copper and rings in the still column to get a good clean product. I usually pack the bottom half with cooper and top with rings and seams to work very well. I always tell people to try different ways to see what works the best for your still tower and the desired outcome.

Hose Kits for Moonshine Still

These are simple hose kits that include parts to hook up to a garden hose. The PVC tubing is ½” Internal Diameter x ¾” Outside Diameter.
All complete stills will come with packing and hoses so it is not necessary to purchase separately. We get a lot of calls people asking what’s the best way to clean the packing. What I do is always remove the packing after each run and let it sit in a cardboard box with the top open so it will dry and just replace for next run.
After about 5 to 6 runs you should clean the still tower packing using citric acid.
To clean the tower packing I use about 4 table spoons of citric acid in a few quarts of water and let soak for about one hour.


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